Cj012 Album Instrumental : Talk Over Background Music | Loops

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Cj012 Album Instrumental : Talk Over Background Music | Loops

Cj012 Album Instrumental: Dreamy, Futuristic, Releasing, Over the Top, Floating, At Peace, Bring Me There type music great for deep discussions or a musical masterpiece.

© Copyright – Jeff Zakovec / Cwspod  (191924441182)

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap: Instrumental Hip-Hop
Release Date: 2017
Cj012 Album Instrumental
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Track List: Cj015: Mega Bar Jams

Cj01201 Denied Allegations
Cj01202 Limited Time Only
Cj01203 Objective Description
Cj01204 Episode Follows
Cj01205 Accused The Actor
Cj01206 Expressed Displeasure
Cj01207 Cities Concert
Cj01208 Field Conditions
Cj01209 Unexpected Announcement
Cj01210 Disturbing Information
Cj01211 Film Franchise
Cj01212 Public Schools Are Closed
Cj01213 Usually Involved
Cj01214 Suprised Everyone
Cj01215 Brain Cancer
Cj01216 Years Together
Cj01217 Football Analyst
Cj01218 Holiday Travel
Cj01219 Question Designed
Cj01220 Small Town Stories
Cj01221 Last Nine Weeks
Cj01222 Major Warning
Cj01223 Six Days Ago
Cj01224 Consecutive Victory
Cj01225 Politically Motivated
Cj01226 Local Ice Skating Rink
Cj01227 Striking Distance
Cj01228 Playoff Picture
Cj01229 Former Basketball Player
Cj01230 Could Be Showcased
Cj01231 Low Humidity
Cj01232 Guardian Angel
Cj01233 Richest Person
Cj01234 Tv Show During The
Cj01235 Currently Stable
Cj01236 Due To The Weather
Cj01237 Respective Tentures
Cj01238 Watched Coach Compete
Cj01239 Final Minute
Cj01240 Detailed Allegations
Cj01241 Sending Signals
Cj01242 Consider Myself Lucky
Cj01244 Still On Television
Cj01243 Documentary Filmmaker
Cj01245 Business Magazine
Cj01246 Worlds Busiest
Cj01247 Compensation After
Cj01248 Control And Prevention
Cj01249 Million Next Season
Cj01250 False Allegations

Cj015: Mega Bar Jams

Cj012 Talk Over Background Music.
50 Tracks.
Each around / at least 1 minute in length.
Reasons why you need this album.
because… An investment to a bigger dream starts with love.
It goes great with freestyle and this album is designed for writers.
Great for Radio Stations when the DJ is speaking.
Background Sounds for Parties, Special Events, Business Meetings.
Catchy Tunes for all ages and locations & Cultures.
News, Weather, Announcements, for Cheerleaders & Sporting Events.
Introduction Music Sounds Tunes to fall in love with.
Non Annoying Clips to play during the “Top Ten” or “Name That Sound” Game.
Made for DJ’s and the Beats they speak over.
Draw the listener in with compelling sounds.
Each song carefully composed for looping software / hardware.
Man, the bass is tuned just right for loud speakers, subs to headsets.
Practice makes perfect.
Nodding the head to tight beats is what everyone else does.
Impressing people with music behind is even better.
It may raise blood pressure into dancing. time and dedication

This release is the twelve of three hundred.
Please do support the CJ Brand in your radio station.
Ask your Radio Station Music Managers if you could add this to your speak over playlist.
Thank you for giving me a try,
I promise to WOW you.

Justin is a Singer.
Casper is a Rapper.
Both excellent acting writers.

Justin & Casper

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