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Instrumental CD: Cj016: Power Dancing in Training

Instrumental: Feel the vibration, club dancing parties would play this, powerful background music for events or private dance lessons. Used for freestyle, TV Commercials, Party Events.

Track List: Cj016: Power Dancing in Training

Cj01601 Coach Had A Moment
Cj01602 Heart Is Racing
Cj01603 Vocally Supported
Cj01604 Publicly Detailed
Cj01605 Office Tweeted
Cj01606 Increasingly Involved
Cj01607 Originally Wanted
Cj01608 Reports Suggested
Cj01609 Working Toward
Cj01610 Any Decisions
Cj01611 Close Of Business
Cj01612 Expected To Impact
Cj01613 Warming Goes Into
Cj01614 Always A Joy To Watch
Cj01615 Promoting The Upcoming
Cj01616 Amount Of Responses
Cj01617 Temporary Insomnia
Cj01618 Everyone Was Excited
Cj01619 Under Pressure To Resign
Cj01620 People Should Realize
Cj01621 Sign The Recovery Process
Cj01622 Process Is Moving Forward
Cj01623 Back Into Position
Cj01624 Players Had Issues
Cj01625 As An Inspiration
Cj01626 Shortly After Its Debut
Cj01627 Greatest Play In History
Cj01628 Reasons To Be Excited
Cj01629 Perhaps Perception
Cj01630 False Alarm About
Cj01631 Apparently The Victim
Cj01632 Accidently Dropped
Cj01633 Attracting Huge Interest
Cj01634 Digest What Happen
Cj01635 While Taking Selfies
Cj01636 Imagine Ourselves As Artists
Cj01637 Arrage A Payment
Cj01638 Blocked Freeway
Cj01639 Quarter Results
Cj01640 Presidency Ended
Cj01641 Parent Company
Cj01642 Name Who He Performs
Cj01643 Enough Academy Members
Cj01644 Less Of A Club
Cj01645 Picture Is Yet Another
Cj01646 Client Has No Interest
Cj01647 Ancient Legends
Cj01648 Shall Be Chosen
Cj01649 Singing Competition
Cj01650 Begin Moving Through

Cj Power Dancing in Training
Cwspod - Cj016: Power Dancing in Training

Release Date: March 2018!

Cj016: Power Dancing In Training
50 Tracks.
Each around / at least 1 minute in length.
Reasons why you need this album.

because… An investment to a bigger dream starts with love.
It goes great with freestyle and this album is designed for writers.
Great for Radio Stations when the DJ is speaking.
Background Sounds for Parties, Special Events, Business Meetings.
Catchy Tunes for all ages and locations & Cultures.
News, Weather, Announcements, for Cheerleaders & Sporting Events.
Introduction Music Sounds Tunes to fall in love with.
Non Annoying Clips to play during the “Top Ten” or “Name That Sound” Game.
Made for DJ’s and the Beats they speak over.
Draw the listener in with compelling sounds.
Each song carefully composed for looping software / hardware.
Man, the bass is tuned just right for loud speakers, subs to headsets.
Practice makes perfect.
Nodding the head to tight beats is what everyone else does.
Impressing people with music behind is even better.
It may raise blood pressure into dancing. time and dedication

This is release # sixteen of three hundred.
Please do support the CJ Brand in your radio station.
Ask your Radio Station Music Managers if you could add this to your speak over playlist.
Thank you for giving me a try,
I promise to WOW you.

Justin is a Singer.
Casper is a Rapper.
Both excellent acting writers.

Justin & Casper

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