Lgcd Se18: Raw Freestyle

February 1, 2018 - Albums, All Albums, Freestyle Albums
Lgcd Se18: Raw Freestyle

Freestyle: Mixture of Hardcore Freestyles, Intense Talking Discussions, and Live Mixing. Vocal Track mixed in the background as the instrumental beat being recorded in a live environment.

Fire colored golden bar rhyme scheme CWS uses to create a relationship with the listener. “It sounds like he is right thereā€.

Release Date: February 2018!

Lgcd 361 – 366 Se18 Raw Freestyle: The result of just doing it while doing another.
Many Tracks.

This release is a compilation of recording sessions #361 to #366 in Jan 2018 during the production of Instrumental Albums found on spotify. search lovejustinperry or cwspod for results.

Please do support the CJ Brand in your radio station.
Ask your Radio Station Music Managers if you could add this to your speak over playlist.
Thank you for giving me a try,
I promise to WOW you.

Justin is a Singer.
Casper is a Rapper.
Both excellent acting writers.

Justin & Casper

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